ItGoesOn DNA Timecapsules


Send Your DNA Into the Future to Live Again

How? By storing it in an ItGoesOn Genebank Timecapsule.  

Why ? To achieve  Immortality  Not of your body – of your DNA.

If you thinkLife’s too short – Is this all there is ? Don’t allow your unique DNA – that has taken evolution 4 1/2 Billion years to create perish after only one lifetime – when it could, with your help live and love again – and again forever.

Or if you’re looking for both a physical and an emotional way of staying ‘connected’ forever with your wife, husband, children, lover, soul mate, grand children … even your pets ?

You can have both – with one of these

2 hand pics

I’ll Be Back model – holds 8 separate samples.

In the future mankind will finally, after 7,000 years of trying, achieve a form of immortality when human cloning from DNA becomes either by social acceptance or from social necessity,  legal, regulated and safe.

If anyone alive today wants to take advantage of something only citizens of the future will have access to it’s imperative you start ‘safely banking’ your DNA now – before it’s too late.

Just a few hairs, clean nail clipping or tooth fragment is all that’s required. Place your DNA sample alongside family members, friends, lovers and even pets.

Your ItGoesOn capsule can be displayed at home as an interesting conversation piece until one day – if you were loved become a cherished family heirloom – not just a ‘thing’ you once owned – but something more personal – a more emotionally connected keep-sake of the ‘real’ you.

Or you can deposit them yourself any time, anywhere in the world.

Possible locations could be:

  • Buried anywhere such as: In your own backyard, a cemetery, your hometown, country of origin or other sentimental locations.
  • Taken on your travels. Deposited in other countries – left on top of mountains – scenic lookout – coral reef – hidden in caves.
  • Submerged in the open sea, river or lake.
  • One day send your DNA into space to the Moon – to Mars.   

The more ItGoesOn time capsules you distribute over your lifetime increases the probability of your capsules being found many times in many futures.


Patented and Handcrafted in Australia 

 International Patents Pending

Multiple Uses:

  • A private family gene bank
  • A more caring more sentimental alternative to ashes urns
  • A place for Grandparents to save locks of hair or baby teeth of grandchildren
  • A remembrance capsule for pet owners and their pets
  • A token of everlasting togetherness
  • A unique gift for someone who already has ‘everything’
  • Designed to last thousands of years
  • Simple to use in the privacy of your own home
  • Environment friendly, hygienic and tamper-proof
  • Shape and colour designed to be visually attractive for home display

Time Travelling DNA Immortality is just one of it’s uses.               


Saving your unique DNA in an ItGoesOn Timecapsule your destiny – and the destiny of those with you will – instead of being terminal become one of infinite possibilities.