Until now there hasn’t been a private personal use for your DNA.


Well now there is – Lots of uses  – some with your Family – some with your Friends and Soul Mates – some Serious – some Fun – some Science Fiction – some with your Pets – some for Sentimental reasons. It’s your choice.  

Therefore don’t allow your remarkable DNA – [ that some say, not only is, but proves the ‘Spark for the Devine’ in all of us ] perish with you after only a single lifetime – when it could, with your help now be ‘posted-forward’ to a time in the future where medical technology will be advanced enough to ‘regenerate’ your DNA into new and ‘enhanced’ versions of both you and those with you.   

  • For some it will be a psychological way of  ‘cheating death’. 
  • For others who don’t want to miss-out on space travel and whatever else the future may hold.
  • For others because they feel Destiny has more in store for them.
  • For people  looking for a unique gift for someone they are trying to impress that – Already has Everything.
  • For gamblers who enjoy big-win-long-odds bets.
  • For ‘Preppers’ as the ultimatesurvival’ insurance  to take into their ‘bunkers’.
  • For others who want to stay sentimentally and emotionally connected forever with their loved ones and pets. 

You can with ItGoesOn DNA TimeCapsules – because they are – Destiny Changers



In the future mankind will finally – after 7,000 years of trying, finally achieve a form of immortality when DNA ‘regeneration’ becomes – either by social acceptance or from social necessity –  legal, regulated and safe.

If you, your family and friends want to be a part of that future it’s imperative you start ‘safely banking’ your DNA now – before it’s too late.

How ? That’s the easy part. Just a few hairs, clean nail clipping or tooth fragment is all that’s required. Place your DNA sample inside one of our custom-made glass vials then place it alongside the other 7 vials from your family members, friends, lovers – and even pets.

Your capsules can be displayed at home or office as an interesting conversation piece – until one day – if you were loved become a cherished family heirloom – not just a ‘thing’ you once owned – but something more personal – a more emotionally connected keep-sake of the ‘real’ you.

Or, you can deposit them yourself anytime, anywhere in the world.  After that it’s up to Destiny to decide its fate. 

In the meantime you will, for the rest of your life have the enjoyment of imagining what could happen to your “twin” in the future. 

Possible deposit locations could be:

  • Buried anywhere such as: In your own backyard, a cemetery, your hometown, the countryside, sports field, favourite golf course etc. – or other sentimental locations.
  • Taken on your travels. Deposited in other countries – taken back to your country of origin – left on top of mountains – scenic lookout – hidden in caves.
  • Submerged in the open sea, coral reef, river or lake.
  • Perhaps one day have your DNA capsule sent into space – left on the Moon – on Mars.   

The more capsules you distribute over your lifetime mathematically increases the probability of your capsules being found many times – in many futures.

Patented and Trademarked in the USA and Australia
Other International Patents Pending


 Your Destiny and the Future in the Palm of Your Hand

  • Multiple Uses for Multiple Users
  • Designed to last thousands of years
  • Simple to use in the privacy of your own home
  • Environment friendly, hygienic and tamper-proof
  • Shape and colour designed to be visually attractive for home display

Time Travelling DNA Immortality is just one of its many uses.               


By saving your unique DNA in an ItGoesOn DNA Time Capsule – your Destiny and the Destiny of those with you – will – instead of being – as it is now 100%  terminal – could become one of Infinite Possibilities.


Once in the future your DNA will have unlimited and repeated regeneration possibilities forever.

Ensuring IT Goes On … and on … and on …..  


Become your own Everlasting Renewable Energy Resource