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Post 2

                              A New Way of Remembrance  

Anyone who has walked through a cemetery will have sadly noticed how neglected old gravesites become after the deceased’s relatives have forgotten them or have passed away themselves.


Sooner, or later they are all destined to be recycled to accommodate new arrivals. It saddens more because it must eventually happen to our own plot one day.

The same goes for ashes urns left in cemetery remembrance walls.

Whether you’re royalty, rich, loved, famous, or not so, we all want to be remembered. Some people in the past have gone to great effort and spent huge amounts of money on their funeral and grave site memorials.

Most people however have to settle for a traditional burial plot or ashes urn because there’s never been an alternative – Until now.

The ItGoesOn DNA TimeCapsule remembrance system is unique to the world for several reasons;

1) Although they can be used as an alternative, or in addition to traditional ashes urns  ItGoesOn TimeCapsules are guaranteed to contain the genuine DNA ‘essence’ of the departed.

2) If filled with ashes alone or in combination with some of the DNA vials are compatible with Buddhist beliefs and home shrine uses.

3) Several identical capsules can be prepared before the ‘departed’ even gets sick.

4) A system where the bereaved can emotionally and symbolically accompany the departed on their journey.

5) Small convenient size, lightweight, hygienic and transportable.

6) Familiar spherical shape and colours are visually attractive for home display.

7) Can be used as a way to determine genetic verification of future generations.

8) If buried within a coffin the capsules will endure time longer than the cemetery itself.

9) Be used to contain the DNA of 8 members of the same family – or pets.

10) Easily prepared at home, in private.


Patented and Trademarked in the USA and Australia.
Other international Patents Pending