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Post 3

Message in a Bottle

ItGoesOn DNA TimeCapsules are basically a futuristic version of the old “Save Me” Message-in-a- Bottle thrown into the ocean by desperate castaways marooned on a desert island.




ItGoesOn capsules contain a similar “Save Me “ message to a future finder – not as a written note but in the form of the DNA of people hoping to be ‘regenerated’ [saved] in the future.

They too are small Specks of Hope, adrift this time in a far bigger ocean – TIME – awaiting discovery perhaps thousands of years in the future.

Just like this insect encased in fossilized tree gum for millions of years – it was eventually found


The chances of any of your capsules being found will depend entirely on Fate, where you deposited your capsules, and how many you have spread across the planet during your lifetime.

There’s an old saying – “you’ve ‘gotta’ be in it to win it”  

Its your decision – your choice – is it worth a small gamble now for the biggest prize of all time ?

At the very least it will be fun just imagining what could happen in the future – who your DNA could become – what adventures and experiences they could have – thanks to you.