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A Gift Idea for Someone Who Already Has Everything

Have you ever felt frustrated walking around a crowded shopping mall or spent hours on-line searching for a unique gift for someone you love or you’re trying to impress – That Already has Everything ?

Given the amount of product choices that are available it should be easy – but it isn’t, is it ?

In fact it can be so stressful that in the end you select something the gift recipient does not appreciate, is boring, shows no imagination, they already have two of, does not fit, is easily forgotten, or worse still the gift – ‘devalues you’ in their eyes.

Before you go totally ‘nuts’ consider that you’re not really looking for a ‘thing’ to buy, rather you’re looking for the ‘feeling’ of appreciation the gift can give to both you, and the person you’re buying the gift for.

Ordinary gifts without any sincere feelings behind them reflect the giver’s lack of feelings towards the receiver.

The answer to the problem can be made easier by asking the question; What does everyone want – even secretly – but doesn’t already have ? What would they appreciate and remember the most ? What would you want for yourself ?

How about a gift of possible immortality ? Now that would be something very different and very unique because – Never in all of history has such a seemingly ‘impossible idea’ been contemplated before – let alone been offered for sale as a gift.

Until Now, that is – exclusively from ItGoesOn DNA TimeCapsules.

Imagine presenting such a ‘way-out’ futuristic gift in person at a party/family gathering/office function or with a group of friends over coffee – imagine the amount of attention it would bring to – you – the ‘gift-giving Trend-Setter’ – imagine the fun you’ll have ‘stirring-up- lively’ debates about – immortality, time travel and ‘regeneration’.

Yes, it does require a courageous ‘leap-of-faith’ to accept any futuristic new idea – but isn’t that the fun part of giving a truly unique and unforgettable gift, especially to someone who, until then ‘thought’ they Already-had-Everything.