Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a DNA time capsule ? 

A :  ItGoesOn DNA TimeCapsules are permanently sealable, heavy duty spherical shaped containers, designed specifically to store – for thousands of years, 8 or more – individual, custom-made Sanitized glass vials – each containing a biological sample of human and/or animal DNA.

Q: Why ? And What’s the idea behind them ?

A:  It may surprise you to know saving DNA is not new because governments around the world have for years been storing the DNA of people ‘they’ think are – too valuable to lose – in underground gene-banks and on-board the International Space Station.

Why? For exactly the same reason – To re-establish humanity should a global calamity befall the planet.

ItGoesOn time capsules are for the rest of us – who want the same thing only a privileged few have access to. AND for those of us who think – We’re ‘Special Worth Saving Too’

Q:  Are Itgoeson Genebank TimeCapsules a – Serious – Fun – or Science Fiction product?

A: Yes to all three – They can be used for whatever the reason buyer wants it for. 

Serious  They are a modern, more positive, more hope filled, more sympathetic, more appealing and more lasting memorial for departed loved-ones – pets too.

Fun – A Love-Together-Forever symbolic everlasting token between loved ones. A thoughtful gift to special friends, siblings, family members, and soul mates. A unique gift for someone your trying to impress who thinks they already have everything.  

Sci-Fi  Time and Space Travelling DNA Immortality is just one of it’s uses

Q:  Who do you expect to buy them ?

A:   Futuristic and positive thinking people all over the world, royalty, the aristocracy, TV celebrities, movie stars, politicians, sport stars, business CEO’s, families, pet owners, preppers, lovers, and gift givers. Each for his or her own private personal reasons.

 Q: What DNA samples will last the longest?

A: The longest survivable biological samples containing DNA are:  a fragment of tooth, nail clippings, hair, feathers, claws and animal fur. All are termed ‘encapsulated’ DNA – which if stored in optimum conditions have an estimated ‘viability-life’ – without freezing – of several thousand years.  

The elements in nature that destroy DNA viability are:  Air – Water – Sunlight – Bacteria – insects – plant life – pollutants – minerals and acids in the soil.

ItGoesOn Time Capsules are designed to provide all the protection needed to ensure the stored samples remain uncontaminated and viable for as long as possible without using any form of power or further human involvement.

Q: How many sample glass vials will the capsule hold ?

A: The smallest 80mm I’ll be Back model holds 8 separate vials – large enough for mum & dad, 4 kids, the dog – and the cat. The 100mm We’ll Be Back model  holds 16 separate glass vials – designed for a larger family or larger group of close friends. Larger community size Till We Meet Again models capable of holding 150 + vials will soon be available to community groups and sporting teams.  

Q:  How much do they cost ?

A:  The smallest 80mm ‘I’ll Be Back’ capsule costs about the same as dinner for two at a family restaurant – that works out to about $12.50 for each sample vial – or if looked at as a long term investment, about $1.50 for every thousand years or so.   

Q: What do I do with it after it’s finally sealed ?

A: That’s up to you. Keep it for as long as you live. Display it at home for sentimental reasons or as an interesting conversation piece. Eventually have it buried with you or at sea. If you were loved, famous, respected, rich or royalty your descendants may keep it for centuries as a ‘living’ family heirloom. Or you can decide to deposit it in the environment immediately yourself, the ‘when’ and ‘where’ is your secret.

Q: Cloning humans is not acceptable for religious reasons by present day societies.

A: Correct … It may take another 200 or more years for the technology to be perfected and for society to become enlightened enough to accept the concept, but people alive today who wait, will be too late to save their unique DNA.

Q: What’s the possibility of any my capsules being found ?

A: That depends on your perspective of time – how you describe the word ever – and how many capsules you have distributed during your lifetime.  There’s an old saying “that nothing lies buried forever” – and although it may take a 1,000 – 2,000 – 5,000 years or more and be so unlikely – even a million to one chance is better than no chance at all.

Therefore it’s a gamble, like playing the lottery for the biggest prize of all – Immortality. Except in this ‘life lottery’ your ItGoesOn Timecapsule ‘tickets’ are current for 1000’s of years.

Q: Why must the capsule be permanently sealable, unable to be opened intact or be reused by anyone else ?

A: To deter anyone opening your capsule, throwing-out your samples to replace it with theirs. Others may from time to time temporarily have possession of it, but they can never use it.  Single use – Single user only.

Q:  Why must the container be made from a low recycle value material ?

A: To protect your samples from being destroyed by future material scavengers recycling the capsule for the material it’s made from.

It’s not worth it unless I take my memories with me – that’s who I am !  

A:  It’s NOT about who you are now – with the same old memories, old cultural background, old religious beliefs – old way of thinking.   

It’s about giving your unique DNA another chance to create a possible ‘twin’ brother or sister in the future.

It’s about giving ‘them’ a new beginning, a fresh new start.     

It’s about imagining who they could become, what opportunities they’ll have to accomplish things you can only dream about.

And it’s about wishing them good luck … 

Your memories cannot travel … but your natural talents, abilities and personality will be passed-on  
… and perhaps the love you have for a loved-one in the capsule with you – will too